Coast Guard sets Port Condition X-Ray for Port of Virginia

300-2016-10-07_1709_matthewPORTSMOUTH, Va. — The Coast Guard has set Port Condition X-Ray for the Port of Virginia today.

Due to the approach of Hurricane Matthew, the Captain of the Port (COTP) of Hampton Roads has set Port Condition X-Ray. This condition means that gale force winds (39 mph or higher,) are expected to reach the Virginia Capes within 48 hrs.

The Port of Virginia remains open to all vessel traffic and commercial activities, however, all mariners are advised to take prudent actions in preparation of the approaching storm:

1 – Facility Operators should continue to make their preparations to ensure all loose cargo, cargo equipment, and debris is secured safely. All vessel moorings should be reinforced.

2 – Vessels anchored should be maintaining a continuous listening watch on VHF Channel 16.

3 – Vessels at facilities shall stow all unnecessary gear, ensure proper moorings, and carefully monitor cargo operations.

For a complete listing of all recommended storm preparations, facilities and vessel operators are strongly encouraged to review the Port of Hampton Roads Maritime Hurricane Contingency Plan, Annex A, Tab C. This plan may be found on line under “Local Contingency Plans” at:

For current port conditions, call (757) 638-6637 to contact the Command Duty Officer.

Visit for more information on Hurricane Matthew and its projected path.

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