Coast Guard sets port condition to 4 for Florida panhandle

MOBILE, Ala. – The Coast Guard set the Port Status for the Panhandle of Florida to Condition 4 today, a 72-hour alert, in anticipation of Tropical Storm Fay.

Tropical Storm Fay could affect waterways from approximately mile marker 175, in Pensacola, Fla., of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway east to mile marker 432, in Panama City, Fla., including the Port of Pensacola and the Port of Panama City.

Mariners are encouraged to use all means available to monitor the path of the Tropical Storm Fay and remain prepared to take actions as the weather system develops.

The following actions are required when a port is in condition 4:

(1) Masters, owners, operators, terminals, and agents of all ocean going commercial vessels and CG regulated barges shall notify the captain of the port (COTP) as soon as possible of intentions to depart or remain in port.

(2) Vessels desiring to remain in port may be required to submit a written request to the COTP along with a mooring plan. This includes vessels in lay up status.

(3) During commercial vessel loading operations, terminals should make allowances for requirements of vessels that may be required to depart the port.

(4) Ocean going ships and CG regulated barges greater than 200 GT remaining in port should have the outboard anchor at short stay, adequate mooring lines out, have a navigation watch set and maintain a listening watch on Channel 16 VHF-FM.

(5) Measures for attaining maximum stability for all vessels should be considered. Vessels required to depart port shall ensure cargo operations are secured to meet sail times. The COTP will consult with shipping and cargo handling interests regarding the time of phase down and termination of cargo handling operations, if necessary, for those vessels remaining in port.

4. Ports and mariners are cautioned that the COTP Mobile may quickly set Port Status X-ray and further conditions as the situation develops.

Current information may be obtained from the captain of the port voice mail announcement System at phone number 251-441-5080.

For further information contact Sector Mobile at (251) 441-5976.

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