Coast Guard seeks public comment on Burnside Bridge in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Commander, Thirteenth Coast Guard District, has received a request for a Preliminary Navigation Determination from Multnomah County in preparation for compiling a Coast Guard bridge permit application for the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge project (EQRB).

This public notice corrects inaccurate information contained in PN 08-19 dated Dec. 11, 2019. In summary, PN 08-19 inaccurately stated a preliminary navigation determination vertical clearance for any proposed fixed bridge needed to be greater than or equal to 176-feet at Ordinary High Water (OHW). The corrected information states that a Coast Guard preliminary navigation determination for vertical navigation clearance for any proposed fixed bridge needs to be greater than or equal to 162-feet above the Columbia River Datum (CRD) or 147-feet above OHW; OHW equals CRD plus 15-feet. All other measurements have been updated to reflect vertical and horizontal navigation clearances referenced to CRD. All other information is the same.

This notice is soliciting for comments exclusively related to navigation. The public is highly encouraged to carefully review this notice and provide comments with regard to the proposed bridge’s ability to meet the reasonable needs of navigation.

Public Notice 07-20 is available at Comments will be received for the record at the office of:

Commander (dpw)
Thirteenth Coast Guard District
915 2nd Ave
Rm. 3510
Seattle, WA, 98174

Or via email at or by telephone (if unable to submit comments in writing) by calling 206-220-7282.

Comments should be sent to arrive on or before July 17, 2020.

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