Coast Guard seeks public comment about St. Joe River Bridge in Idaho

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard is seeking public comment about a permit approval for the building of the new St. Joe River Bridge near St. Maries, Idaho, by the Idaho Department of Transportation.

An application for a U.S. Coast Guard bridge permit has been received by the commander, 13th Coast Guard District from the Idaho Department of Transportation for the replaced St. Joe River Bridge. This permit is an after-the-fact approval because the new St. Joe River Bridge has already been built. The new bridge has a vertical clearance of 25.29 feet, and a horizontal clearance of 98.5 feet according to information on submitted plan sheets. The vertical clearance has increased from 25.0 feet, and the horizontal clearance increased from 90.0 feet.

Public Notice (05-20) dated June 8, 2020, is being published in the Coast Guard Navigation Center web page. The public notice contains a detailed description of the bridge project, and includes location maps and bridge drawings with navigational clearances. Interested parties can access Navigation Center web page at the following website:

The public notice can also be obtained by calling the Thirteenth Coast Guard District Bridge Office at (206) 220-7234, or by writing to Commander (dpw), Thirteenth Coast Guard District, 910 2nd Avenue, Suite 3510, Seattle, WA, or by email request at

Interested parties are requested to express their views, in writing, on the new bridge including its possible impacts to the environment and navigation. Comments will be received for the record at the address given in Public Notice (05-20) through June 23, 2020.

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