Coast Guard searching for witnesses to boating accident in Chicago

CHICAGO — The United States Coast Guard, alongside local partners, is actively searching for information regarding a collision that occurred mid-afternoon, Saturday, between the vessel LA AQUAVIDA and a 33-foot vessel in the anchorage area of the Chicago Playpen.

The collision resulted in two boaters, who were on a float tied to the back of the 33-foot vessel, sustaining serious injury.

Any witnesses to the incident can make an anonymous report through the Coast Guard Investigative
Service Tips at the CGIS TIPLINE website. Users can also make an anonymous report through the CGIS mobile application.

The Coast Guard is particularly interested in talking with any passengers aboard the LA AQUAVIDA at the time of the incident, or speaking with anyone who may have taken video of the incident.

This is a joint investigation involving:

  • United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Chicago Investigating Office
  • United States Coast Guard Criminal Investigative Service
  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

The incident remains under investigation.

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