Coast Guard Searching for Overdue Hunters on Kodiak Island

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Coast Guard is currently trying to located three hunters overdue on a trip from Anton Larson Bay to Onion Bay on Kodiak Island. An Urgent Marine Information Broadcast has been issued to notify local mariners to keep a sharp lookout and report any sightings of the men to the Coast Guard. Additionally a Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter and crew were launched at first light from Air Station Kodiak to conduct a search today.

The men departed Anton Larson Bay in a 22-foot skiff Friday. They were expected to return Sunday evening. One of the hunter’s spouses notified the Coast Guard Tuesday evening that the men were about 48 hours overdue. She said their most likely destination was a cabin in Onion Bay but that they may have gone to Uganik Bay. All three men are reportedly experienced outdoorsmen and well equipped for the trip. Military Police checked the hunter’s launch site in Anton Larson Bay and found the launch vehicle, a red pick-up truck, still there.

The Coast Guard helicopter was airborne around 9:30 a.m. They plan to search from Anton Larson Bay to Onion Bay initially. If no signs of the men are seen they plan to conduct a shoreline search of Uganik Bay, Uganik Passage and Viekoda Bay, Kupereanof Strait and Kizhuyak Bay back to Anton Larson. The UMIB is still in effect.

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