Coast Guard searching for missing water skier near Rochester, N.Y.

Coast Guard search and rescue crews from Station Rochester, N.Y., are searching Lake Ontario outside of Irondequoit Bay for a missing water skier July 28, 2010.

The Coast Guard learned of the missing person around 5:45 p.m., and immediately launched a 47-foot motor lifeboat and a 25-foot Response Boat-Small (RB-S) to search.

Inclement weather is passing through the area. Winds on scene are at 15 knots and three-foot waves are impacting the search area.

The skier was reportedly not wearing a life jacket.

The Coast Guard urges all mariners to wear life jackets while engaged in water sports.

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One Comment

  1. Tina Bello says:

    Althoug, I feel so lucky to be alive today and do respect what you all do, I’m a bit confused as to the response we recieved on July 25 2010 during the storm that turned out to be deadly for some, I Thank the good lord everyday for the Sailboat named Andiamo out of New york for saving our lives on Sunday July 25, 2010. I realize the amount of calls and how stupid we were to be on the chesapeak, but i’m concerned as to the response we recieved from the Coast Guard, they seem to respond very quickly the next day to inform us as to the whereabouts of our capsixed boat and to the recovery crew that want to chare $1800 dollars! After placing our 911 call we sat for 1 hour with NO response other than Thank God the Andiamo who saved us, THANK YOU AGAIN! but after the experience we had and the response we recieved the next day as to get our capsized boat recovered, It realy bothered me that they were all over that, yet, i saw No Rescue or coast guard when in need. Sorry, but had to voice the way I feel, It was so scary and not your faul, but wow, you seemed to fine our boat the next day and be all over that,??? glad to be alive today god bless