Coast Guard returns port to normal hurricane season conditions

NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard has returned the Port of New Orleans to normal hurricane season port conditions.

Following a port assessment flight this morning, Coast Guard Capt. Edwin Stanton, Captain of the Port for New Orleans, adjusted the port condition at approximately 11:30 a.m. Port Condition Whiskey had been set by the Captain of the Port at 12:30 p.m., Sunday, in preparation for the approaching storm. As Hurricane Ida drew closer to the Gulf Coast, the Captain of the Port set Port Condition Yankee at 6 a.m., Monday.

The Coast Guard is currently working to re-establish full station search and rescue capabilities on the Gulf Coast. Minor flooding and damage were reported to Coast Guard Stations Venice and Grand Isle; however, both stations are hoped to be fully search and rescue capable late Wednesday. Coast Guard Station New Orleans reported no damage and is fully search and rescue capable.

The Coast Guard conducted two rescue missions as a result of Hurricane Ida. Two crewmen from an oil rig berthing satellite were rescued approximately 80 miles south of New Orleans Monday after it was damaged by a liftboat that broke free from its moorings. Video of the rescue can be found here. Two other men were rescued by the Coast Guard Cutter Razorbill after a fishing boat they were in capsized on the Mississippi River near Fort Jackson, La., Monday. A third man on the vessel has been missing since Monday. The Coast Guard has searched Monday and Tuesday with a Coast Guard MH-65C helicopter and crew from Air Station New Orleans.

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