Coast Guard’s Newest Boat Debuts at Station Little Creek – Video

Three videos of the new boat are included at the end of the article.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – The Coast Guard’s newest multi-mission asset, the 45-foot Response Boat-Medium (RB-M), made its debut at Coast Guard Station Little Creek Va., today.

The RB-M was delivered by Marinette Marine Corporation (MMC) and represents the first of a planned 180 RB-Ms scheduled for delivery over the next six years. The Coast Guard selected Station Little Creek to receive the first RB-M based on the wide range of missions performed by the station and the high operational tempo in the Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach area. Future RB-M deliveries will go to a variety of Coast Guard Stations based on their unique mission requirements that provide opportunities to evaluate the boats’ performance across the full spectrum of Coast Guard small boat operations.

The RB-M is a multi-mission boat that will operate in coastal zones which include inshore and inland waterways and open ocean out to 50-nautical-miles. The RB-M is a self-righting, 45-foot all-aluminum boat with twin diesel engines and water jet propulsion. It is capable of speeds in excess of 46 miles per hour and provides significantly improved maneuverability when compared to boats it is replacing.

With a full cabin providing protection from the elements, a robust navigation system, heating and air conditioning, shock mitigating seats, and a communication system capable of communicating with other federal, state and local agencies, the RB-M provides greatly enhanced capability for Coast Guard small boat stations. Primary missions for the RB-M include Search and Rescue; Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security; Defense Readiness; and Marine Environmental Protection.

“After personally observing the RB-M operate earlier last week, I am convinced the Acquisition Directorate has delivered a tremendous tool to support Coast Guard mission execution,” said Rear Adm. Gary T. Blore, Coast Guard Chief Acquisition Officer. “I believe Coast Guard boat forces will find the RB-M is a quantum leap forward in comparison to our existing small boats.”

The RB-M will replace the aging 41′ Utility Boats, which have been the workhorse of Coast Guard small boat stations for more than a quarter of a century. On June 21, 2006, the Coast Guard awarded a contract for up to a maximum of 250 RB-Ms to Marinette Marine Corporation (MMC) of Marinette, Wisc. RB-Ms are being built by Kvichak Marine (a subcontractor of MMC) in Kent, Wash. and delivered at a rate of approximately one per month starting in August 2008. To increase production MMC has initiated the opening of a second production facility in Wisconsin. When in full production, anticipated for late 2010, deliveries will be at a rate of 30 boats per year.

Video 1: RB-M Rollover Test

Video 2: RBM Acceptance Trials

Video 3: RBM Overview

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  1. CDR Richard Michaels USCG (ret) says:

    I am a Radio Control model builder, having scratch built 110′ Aquidneck, 47′ MLB and 32′ WPB. Found article on 45’RBM many months ago and requested a set of hull lines for boat. Received a nice reply from Project Manager at Manitowoc saying info not available due contracts still in negotiation. Now that CG has first boat delivered at Station Little Creek, is there a chance that I could obtain the hull lines in order to build RC model of CG45601? I have located source of scale jet drives; all needed is those lines! Would make 8 year old grandson (and me) very happy.

  2. CDR Richard Michaels USCG (ret) says:

    I previously requested a set of hull lines of the new 45’RBM but was informed that they were not available for release due to contracts still being negotiated. Now that the first RBM has been delivered to Station Little Creek, could I obtaina set of hull lines? I have a fleet of three scratch built boats which are radio controlled (110′, 47′, 32′) and the 45′ RBM would really be a great final addition. I’m 74 and my 8 year grandson would love it. So would I! Thanks.
    Dick Michaels
    previous CO VIGOROUS

  3. cgnews says:

    Commander, I can only suggest that you contact Manitowoc again, or maybe the Acquisitions Directorate at Headquarters. You can find them through

  4. CDR Richard Michaels (Ret) says:

    I just viewed the videos on Little Creek’s new 45 footer, Great. I want to thank all the fine folks at Headquarters and Manitowac for helping obtain hull lines. My project is well underway, hull is planked, water jet units installed, and now starting the cabin structure. Hope to launch in spring. Challenging to say the least. Best regards to all.