Coast Guard Responds to Styrene Spill

HOUSTON – The Coast Guard is responding to a styrene spill at the Intercontinental Terminal Company in Deer Park near Houston, today.

The Coast Guard received a report of a possible spill at 4:14 a.m. this morning. The company immediately followed normal protocol and secured the area around the spill to maintain a safe environment. Four people were taken to an area hospital for minor injuries and were later released.

Further investigation revealed a spill of styrene monomer estimated at 30 gallons, approximately 10 of which entered the water. Crews from U.S. Environmental and Garner Environmental are on scene cleaning the spill. Coast Guard personnel are monitoring the clean-up process.

The ship channel has not been closed due to this spill; however, an advisory is being broadcast suggesting boaters consider the safety hazards of passing through the area directly around the ITC facility. The facility docks have been closed until the styrene can be removed.

Short term exposure to styrene can cause an irritation to the eyes, nose throat and skin.

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