Coast Guard Responds to Heavy Weather

ALAMEDA, Calif. – Coast Guard crews in the San Francisco Bay area have responded to numerous calls here this week due to the severe weather and harsh winds.

The Coast Guard asks that anyone getting underway in this weather exercise extreme caution. The Coast Guard also recommends that all vessels carry an electronic positioning indicating radio beacon (EPIRB), which allows vessels in distress to be located via satellite.

Station Golden Gate has responded to several vessels that have broken off their moorings. The Coast Guard recommends that people attach extra lines to their vessels to assist in preventing them from breaking free. The Coast Guard also recommends that people establish a watch schedule for their vessels.

Heavy winds and severe weather can cause the ocean’s surf to swell. The Coast Guard recommends that people stay away from rocky areas that surround the coastline. These areas can be subject to rogue waves that can sweep unsuspecting bystanders off the rocks and into the water.

The Coast Guard also asks that swimmers and surfers exercise extreme caution while in the water. They should beware of shores that have breaking surf that can contain rip currents, which can pull them out to sea. If you happen to get caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore to escape. If you cannot escape, conserve your energy by treading water and then wave for help.

Source: USCG D11 Public Affairs

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