Coast Guard Responds to Grounded Vessels

SITKA, Alaska The Coast Guard responded to two fishing boats that ran aground near Chapin Bay and Duncan Canal today

At approximately 8:15am this morning, Coast Guard Air Station Sitka launched an HH-60J rescue helicopter to respond to a report of the fishing vessel Kaiulani taking on water in Duncan Canal, approximately 15 miles south of Petersburg, Alaska. Battling 50-knot winds, the helicopter arrived on-scene at 10:05am. By that time, the vessel master had confirmed that, although he was hard aground, he was not flooding. The master informed the rescue crew that he was the only person on-board, and that he was in no immediate distress. When the tide came in, the vessel re-floated, and was able to make way under its own power.

Shortly after departing scene from the Kaiulani, the helicopter was diverted to respond to the fishing vessel Sea Dog, which was hard aground in Chapin Bay on the southern end of Admiralty Island. Still combating intense weather, the rescue crew arrived at the stricken vessel just before 11:00am, and was advised by the vessel master that he and his three crewmen were alright, and that the vessel was not taking on any water. As the tide came in, a good Samaritan vessel which happened to be in the area assisted the Sea Dog off the beach, and was able to make way under its own power.

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