Coast Guard Responds to Gasoline Release in Oakland Estuary

ALAMEDA, Calif. – The Coast Guard responded to a small gasoline sheen, and oversaw cleanup efforts in the Oakland Estuary, today. The gasoline was released into the estuary through storm drains near a tank truck fire on nearby interstate 880, early this morning.

A team of Pollution Investigators from Coast Guard Sector San Francisco arrived on scene and conducted a thorough assessment of the waterway along the Oakland Embarcadero. Evidence of gasoline impacting the waterway was discovered near the Oakland Marina, much of it contained inside a previously installed containment boom extending from the pier.

Additionally, an HH-65 “Dolphin” helicopter was launched from Air Station San Francisco, and began conducting over flights to determine the size and location of the gasoline release. The gasoline spill was not visible from the air due to the small volume of product released beyond the containment boom.

At 9:10 am, the National Response Corporation Environmental Services, contracted by CALTRANS and the owner of the tank truck involved in the incident, arrived on scene and deployed additional boom around the sheen to further contain the product. Absorbent pads were also placed on the product to soak up gasoline residue.

The source of the gasoline spill was largely controlled by blocking off the storm drains at the site of the truck fire, and National Response Corporation Environmental Services vacuumed the remaining product out of the storm drains.

The Coast Guard estimates that less than ten gallons of product have entered the waterway, due to the rapid isolation of the storm drains by responding firefighting units. Coast Guard Pollution Teams, in conjunction with State and local agency partners, will continue to oversee cleanup efforts which are expected to conclude today or early tomorrow.

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