Coast Guard responds to five people in water at Otter Rock, Ore.

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard responded to a report of five people in the water near Otter Rock, Ore., today.

Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, Ore., received a call at 8:17 a.m. from a retired sheriff who saw five males in the water.

Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay launched a 47-foot motor life boat crew, Coast Guard Station Depoe Bay, Ore., launched two 47-foot motor life boat crews and Coast Guard Air Facility Newport, Ore., launched an HH-65C Dolphin helicopter crew to the scene.

Local fire and police responded to the scene as well.

The five males were able to successfully make it to the beach on their own. Only three of the five men were wearing life jackets.

No injuries were reported. The water temperature on scene was 49 degrees.

Life jackets save lives!
Statistics show that a person’s chance of survival greatly improves when wearing a life jacket. All children under the age of 12 and who weigh less than 90 pounds are required to wear a life jacket at all times while boating. Before boating, be sure that all life jackets are in good shape, fit properly and are stowed in an easily accessible location.

The Coast Guard encourages all boaters to use a common sense approach and a know-before-you-go attitude before and during a boating trip. Life jackets, radios, navigation equipment and weather forecasts are necessary preparations whenever you venture out on your boat. Have your vessel inspected by the Coast Guard Auxiliary, file a float plan and ensure you and your passengers are familiar with all safety equipment.

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