Coast Guard Responds to Alleged Drug Overdose and Vessel Grounding

BOSTON – Coast Guard Station Boston responded to reports that a Quincy, Mass., man overdosed on heroin while aboard a recreational boat near Lovell Island, Mass., about 3:30 a.m., today.

A second man aboard the 33-foot vessel called 911 and reported that his friend had overdosed on the drug and needed immediate medical attention.

Station Boston launched a 25-foot response boat, took the man aboard and transported him to awaiting EMS at the Black Falcon Terminal in Boston. EMS took him to the New England Medical Center.

Station Point Allerton launched a 25-foot response boat at about 4 a.m., to conduct a law enforcement boarding of the vessel, but when they arrived in the area, the vessel had drifted onto the rocks at Ram Head Shoal, about a half-mile from its previous location. When the boat crew attempted to contact the man still aboard, there was no response, and they didn’t see any movement inside the vessel.

“The boat crew could see his flashlight moving around on the boat when they got there, but they lost movement around dawn, and that’s when we requested a helicopter,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class James Mankus, officer of the day at Station Point Allerton.

Due to the shallow water, the response boat was unable to get close enough to conduct the boarding. The water was also too shallow for a Boston Police boat or a Massachusetts Environmental Police boat, which were also in the area. Consequently, Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod launched an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter.

The helicopter arrived on scene, airlifted the man from his boat, and transported him to Massachusetts General Hospital for examination.

The condition of the two men is unknown.

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