Coast Guard Rescures 7 After Intoxicated Operator Hits Break-wall

CLEVELAND – U.S. Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor rescued seven people after their boat crashed into the break-wall north of the Edgewater Marina, here, Saturday at approximately 3:00 a.m.

Four people were injured when the 37-foot power-boat hit the break-wall at about 25 knots.

Station Cleveland Harbor responded with a 41-foot utility boat. The passengers were recovered by the Coast Guard and transferred to awaiting Emergency Medical Services. Three passengers were hospitalized for cuts and bruises, and head trauma.

The operator was arrested and is being investigated for possibly boating under the influence of alcohol. The boat was removed from the rocks and brought back to shore.

The Coast Guard would like to remind all boaters to have a sober operator. Boating under the influence is unsafe for the operator, the passengers and can place other boaters in danger.

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