Coast Guard Rescues Water Skier

CLEVELAND (D9 Public Affairs) – Coast Guard Station Lorain rescued a male skier who became separated from the boat’s towline a quarter of a mile east of the Vermilion River today at approximately 7 p.m.

“He looked a little tired; he said he’d been out there for about an hour,” said Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class Marco Worsley.

Worsley and his crewmate Seaman Shawn Vitou assisted the man wearing a life jacket, who had no injuries, aboard their 25-foot small response boat.

They tranferred him to the Vermilion Port Authority, where Emergency Medical Services were awaiting him.

According to Worsley, the man drifted in the river approximately 500 yards from the boat

The crew located him by conducting a Sector Search, also known as a Victor Sierra search pattern (VS), which was used in this case because of the small search area.

The station recieved a 911 call that a man water skiing fell off and the three persons on board the boat towing him could not find him.

The Coast Guard recommends both boaters and anyone recreating on the lakes to always wear a life jacket.

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