Coast Guard Rescues Two Stranded Alaskan Hunters

KODIAK, Alaska – Two hunters trapped at the base of a cliff near Broad Point were rescued by air crew members from Air Station Kodiak in conjunction with Alaska State Troopers yesterday morning.

The two hunters were reported over due by a family member at 11:46 p.m. Wednesday. They were among a group of twelve family members and friends who went out hunting.

The Alaska State Troopers had ground parties on scene searching for the two missing people. After prolonged searching the Alaska State Troopers requested Coast Guard helicopter assistance with the search.

Air Station Kodiak diverted a rescue helicopter from a training mission at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday and discovered the hunters at 11 a.m.

Once on scene the air crew located both hunters at the bottom of a cliff at the tip of Broad Point. After retrieving the hunters the air crew reported both men in a mildly hypothermic condition. The air crew transported the two hunters back to Air Station Kodiak.

Reportedly the two hunters had shot a deer and it had fallen off Broad Point. The two then decided to climb down to retrieve the deer, and once they had reached the deer the tide started to rise and the two hunters could not get back up.

Thanks to the hunting parties preplanning and the quick response from concerned family members, the Alaska State Troopers and Coast Guard were able to locate and rescue the stranded individuals.

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