Coast Guard Rescues Two Men from Ice

MARBLEHEAD, Ohio — Coast Guard Station Marblehead rescued two men lost on the ice on South Bass Island today at approximately 1:30 p.m.

An airboat crew located the two on the ice after they became lost on their all-terrain-vehicle.

Due to heavy weather, the station received a waiver from Coast Guard Sector Detroit to deploy to an area experiencing wind gusts of up to 35 knots.

Upon recovery, the men were mildly hypothermic but responsive.

When they became lost, one of the men dialed 911 on a cell phone, whereupon the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office notified Station Marblehead.
The Coast Guard would like to remind citizens to be aware of the dynamic and often dangerous conditions of Great Lakes ice and to observe the following:

I – Intelligence (research the weather, know the area, leave word with family/friends)

C – Clothing (wear an exposure suit or clothing that can help protect you if you fall in the water)

E – Equipment (cell phones, screwdrivers to help you climb out of the water, or a radio to call for help, etc.)

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