Coast Guard Rescues Two From Boat Fire

MILWAUKEE (D9 Public Affairs) – Coast Guard members saw a small pleasure craft on fire in Milwaukee Harbor off the shore from U.S. Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan and the Lake Express Ferry terminal.

At approximately11:25 a.m., the Coast Guard saw a small boat on fire from Station Milwaukee. There was no distress call made from the boat at anytime. The two men aged 57 and 62-years-old on board, were able to jump overboard. A Coast Guard Station Milwaukee 41-foot motor life boat went out and rescued the two individuals.

Another 41-foot Coast Guard life boat out of Station Milwaukee was on a training exercise and came to aid in fighting the fire. When word was relayed that the Milwaukee Fire Department was coming into the harbor to help, the Coast Guard boat then secured the harbor for safety.

A Milwaukee Police Department boat was also on the scene to secure the area.
Milwaukee Fire Department boat “Phoenix” put out the boat fire near the retaining wall of the harbor. The fire took approximately 30 minutes to extinguish.

The boaters were transferred to awaiting EMS at the Lake Express terminal. Both men were reported to be without injury and were driven back to the South Shore Marina where they had originally launched their boat.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Both men were wearing life jackets. The Coast Guard reminds boaters to wear a life-jacket to increase their chances of survival if put in a similar situation. The buoyancy of the life-jacket allows for a boater to stay afloat and the bright colors make it easier for boat and aircrews to spot them.

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