Coast Guard rescues three from sunken crab boat

11th Coast Guard District NewsMCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. – The crew of a Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter rescued three men after a crab boat sank approximately 11 miles off the coast of Crescent City, Calif., Friday.

The three men aboard the 46-foot crab boat West Wind noticed the boat was riding low in the water and began taking on water.

Air station Humboldt Bay received the distress call at approximately 3p.m. and launched a helicopter and diverted another airborne helicopter to respond. Coast Guard Station Humboldt Bay also launched a 47-foot motor lifeboat to respond.

The aircrew spotted the three men in a survival raft and lowered a rescue swimmer who assisted in hoisting the three men into the helicopter. The three men were taken to Crescent City airport where they were transferred to the care of medical personnel from Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City.

The Coast Guard would like to emphasize the importance of the crab boat crew’s safety gear including their survival suits and life raft, which played a significant role in the survival and rescue of the three fishermen.

The aircrew included pilots Lt. Keith Roberts and Lt. Josh Smith, flight mechanic Petty Officer Brandon Cook and rescue swimmer Petty Officer Dave Foreman.

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