Coast Guard Rescues Three Boaters in San Francisco Bay Boat Fire

SAN FRANCISCO- The Coast Guard, working in partnership with the San Francisco Fire Department, responded to a boat fire one mile east of Treasure Island yesterday evening. The three people onboard were rescued and returned safely to shore with no reported injuries.

At 5:20 p.m, the Coast Guard received notification over channel 16 that the 43-foot motor yacht “No Worries” was engulfed in flames. The Coast Guard immediately launched a 41-foot Utility Boat from Station San Francisco, and contacted the San Francisco Fire Department, who dispatched the fireboat “Phoenix” to extinguish the flames. A good samaritan vessel in the area reported that the three passengers onboard had been observed abandoning ship, and notified the Coast Guard that they were going to remove the individuals from the water.

When the Coast Guard vessel arrived on scene, all three people had been removed from the water, and were onboard the good samaritan vessel. The individuals were transferred to the Coast Guard boat, and were returned safely to waiting family and friends at the Emeryville Marina.

The 43-foot motor yacht burned to the waterline, and sank, leaving some debris on the surface. The vessel had the capacity to carry 300 gallons of diesel fuel, but was reported by the owner to be carrying only 150 gallons at the time of the fire. Coast Guard Station San Francisco personnel searched the surrounding area, but found no evidence of pollution.

The Coast Guard encourages all mariners to have properly fitting lifejackets onboard their vessel, and to ensure all radio and navigation equipment is in working order in case of an emergency.

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