Coast Guard rescues stranded man near Brownsville Ship Channel

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Coast Guard located a stranded man near the Brownsville Ship Channel and transported him to safety, Saturday.

At approximately 8 a.m., while returning to dock for refuel, the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Cobia spotted a homeless man stranded on Long Island in the Brownsville Ship Channel.

The Cutter Cobia lowered its small boat and dispatched a boatcrew to retrieved the man. He was taken back to Station South Padre Island to assess his condition and later released after being interviewed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Fortunately, we stumbled across this individual when we did,” said Lt. Pete Lewia, the commanding officer of Cutter Cobia. “He had been on the island for a couple of days without food and water and was suffering from exposure. The summer heat and lack of water can quickly become a life-threatening situation.”

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