Coast Guard rescues man near Pacifica Municipal Pier

1-10-1SAN FRANCISCO – An adult male was rescued by the Coast Guard after unexpectedly entering the water from the Pacifica Municipal Pier Monday morning.

Coast Guard Sector San Francisco watchstanders were notified at approximately 7:35 a.m. by theSan Mateo County Dispatch of an adult male who reportedly jumped or fell into the water from the Pacifica Municipal Pier and seemed to be in distress.

A Coast Guard Station Golden Gate response boatcrew was dispatched to lead the rescue, as well as, a helicopter from Air Station San Francisco. The Coast Guard issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast and coordinated with Pacifica Police and Fire Departments, which were on scene landside maintaining communications with responders. The Coast Guard boatcrew quickly located and rescued the male in the water. Showing signs of hypothermia, the male was air lifted by the Coast Guard helicopter from the response boat. The Coast Guard helicopter landed in Pacifica and transferred the male to Pacifica Emergency Medical Services for further assessment and treatment.

“Because of great communications between agencies on scene, we were able to quickly recover the person from the water. However, any time there is a person in the water for any amount of time, hypothermia is a big concern, as well as the possibility of cold water drowning,” said Petty Officer James Helt, Station Golden Gate.

All mariners should keep in mind that many California lakes and waterways are cold enough year round to pose a threat of cold water drowning. The state’s coastal ocean temperatures average in the mid-50s to mid-60s degree range; cold water is any water less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When a cold water drowning situation begins, a person has about one minute to gain control of their breathing and 10 minutes or less of meaningful movement and muscle control to get themselves out of the water. Hypothermia may set in within one hour, but without a life jacket, the victim may drown before that occurs.

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