Coast Guard Rescues Man From Ice

OTTAWA COUNTY, Ohio — Coast Guard Station Toledo rescued a man with an ankle injury from the ice today one nautical mile of the shore of Crane Creek State Park at approximately 2:45 p.m.

A Station Toledo crew recovered the man with a compound fracture with an ice skiff and pulled him to shore.

Upon transfer to awaiting Emergency Medical Services, a Lifeflight helcopter transported him to St. Vincent Hospital.

He was in stable condition.

The Jerusalem Township Fire Department notified the Coast Guard of the injured man’s condition and stayed on-scene until Station Toledo arrived.

The Coast Guard would like to remind citizens to be aware of the dynamic and often dangerous conditions of Great Lakes ice and to observe the following:

I – Intelligence (research the weather, know the area, leave word with family/friends)

C – Clothing (wear an exposure suit or clothing that can help protect you if you fall in the water)

E – Equipment (cell phones, screwdrivers to help you climb out of the water, or a radio to call for help, etc.)

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