Coast Guard Rescues Injured Hiker from Lost Coast Trail

MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. – The U.S. Coast Guard conducted a rescue of an injured female hiker late Wednesday evening from the rugged “Lost Coast” trail near Cooskie Creek; approximately 7 miles south of the Mattole River Beach Campgrounds trail head in Petrolia, California.

Due to the remote location of the patient, rescuers had only three options of arriving and transporting her back to safety: by air, by horseback, or by foot. First responders from the Petrolia Fire Rescue squad had hiked in to meet the woman but were unable to communicate her condition back to any other rescue assets. Due to the uncertainty of her condition and the onset of nightfall Cal Fire contacted Coast Guard Airstation Humboldt Bay for assistance at approximately 8 PM.

A rescue helicopter was immediately dispatched and arrived on scene forty minutes later to find treacherous turbulence caused by 40-50 MPH winds curling down the mountain ridgeline. Following two failed attempts the rescue helicopter, piloted by LCDR Mark Fluitt and assisted by LT Alex Barker, was able to get close enough to the shoreline to identify the party’s location and hover overhead as darkness set in. Flight Mechanic Jake Marks then lowered Rescue Swimmer James Moore to the patient who retrieved her via rescue basket. She was transported to an awaiting EMS ambulance at Coast Guard Airstation Humboldt Bay, McKinleyville, Ca

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