Coast Guard rescues five, searches for one

HOUSTON – The Coast Guard is still searching for one missing man after rescuing five stranded boaters 23 miles south of Freeport, Texas, early this morning.

At approximately 2 a.m. a rescue helicopter crew from Air Station Houston located five of the six missing people from the sailboat Cynthia Woods. The helicopter crew safely hoisted, and transported the boaters to University Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. The five rescued people were reported to be in stable condition.

Coast Guard crews are continuing to search for one missing person. A C-130 from Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina arrived on scene at 3 a.m. to assist in the search. The C-130 is equipped with night vision capabilities and offers a broader range of search.

The initial call came in at 8:15 a.m. to a watchstander at Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston, June 7, from the emergency contact for the 38-foot sailboat Cynthia Woods. The contact reported they lost communictaion with the sailboat at approximately midnight, and the sailboat also missed its 8 a.m. radio check.

The response has included rescue boat crews from Station Freeport, two HH-65C dolphin helicopter crews from Air Station Corpus Christi and Air Station Houston, a Falcon jet crew from Air Station Corpus Christi, and the cutter Manowar.

The Coast Guard will continue to search throughout the day for the missing person.

The sailboat Cynthia Woods was a participant in the Veracruz Regatta and scheduled to sail from Galveston, Texas to Veracruz, Mexico.

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  1. Tom F. says:

    They found the survivors at night. Wow. This isn’t easy. Bravo Zulu to the helio crew, their rescue swimmer, and all the RCC controllers and personnell involved.

    I pray the sixth crewmember didn’t get caught below decks and is floating out there, thirsty, but waiting to be spotted. if he is, I have no doubt the rescuers will find him.

  2. Cesar Duran says:

    Do you have the same questions as I in regards as to the Cynthia Woods sailboat sinking. From everything I have read and her on the TV news, they were all experienced mariners.
    Let me list them.

    A. was an inventory of all safety equipment made before the trip started?

    B. Were all the instruments tested before the trip started?

    C. If the are all experienced mariners, why were they not wearing their life jackets at all times?

    D. Why was there no alarm when the sailboat started taking in water?

    E. Why was there no water detecting device installed on the sailboat compartments? This would have alarmed everyone on top and bottom of the sailboat.
    F. How can the man on watch duty not know that the Keel had hit something. It would take a tremendous force to break off the Keel. And the man on watch would have lost control of the sailboat and set of the alarm.

    This tragic incident as it might seem needs to have a very complex investigation for it not to happen again.