Coast Guard rescues dolphin in Back Bay

29 MayportFORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — The Coast Guard rescued a dolphin Thursday after it landed in a boat in Back Bay.

At 1 a.m. watchstanders from Coast Guard Station Fort Myers Beach received a call from a man who stated he witnessed a 7-foot dolphin jump out of the water and land in the dinghy attached to his sailboat.

The Coast Guard in coordination with a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission marine biologist determined the dolphin should be placed back into the water as quickly as possible to ensure the dolphin’s survival.

A 29-foot Response Boat-Small II boat crew from Station Fort Myers Beach was launched, arrived on scene and assisted the dolphin into the water.

“I am proud of the close coordination between our crews and the professionals at FWC,” said Chief Warrant Officer Robert Gruschow, commanding officer of Station Fort Myers Beach. “Through this coordination we were able to save another life.”

Marine Environmental Protection is one of the Coast Guard’s 11 statutory missions in which the Coast Guard:

  • Stops unauthorized ocean dumping and regulates the discharge of oil, hazardous substances and other shipboard wastes into U.S. and international waterways
  • Protects marine mammals
  • Regulates the introduction of invasive species into waterways
  • Responds to oil and hazardous substance accidents and reduces their impact on the marine environment
  • Develops environmental regulations and standards for domestic vessels and marine facilities

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