Coast Guard rescues choking victim off Cape May, NJ

5th Coast Guard District News
CAPE MAY, N.J. — The Coast Guard helped save the life of a choking victim Wednesday aboard a yacht near Cape May Harbor.

A crew member aboard the Cape May-based 65-foot yacht Canyon Lady hailed for help when a 61-year-old woman aboard choked on her lunch. A 45-foot Response Boat − Medium crew from Coast Guard Station Cape May met the Canyon Lady on the inbound side of the jetties where a Coast Guard EMT went aboard the yacht to render assistance.

“Once we were on board, I established who the victim was and found the 61-year-old female laying in the recovery position,” said Chief Petty Officer Richard Fisher, an EMT and the engineering petty officer at Station Cape May. “I administered 15 liters high-flow oxygen because she was still a little blue. Once we did that she was able to come around a little better, we were able to sit her up and she began talking.”

Fisher made the determination to treat her aboard the Canyon Lady rather than transfer her to the Coast Guard boat, based on ease of access. The determination was made to have the Canyon Lady moor at Station Cape May in case further medical care was needed.

Cape May Fire Department personnel and local EMS personnel also responded. The patient declined medical transport.

“I think the Coast Guard has actually broadened my horizons and my ability to work with the boating public,” said Fisher. “I am able give people assistance in whatever form I can give them, whether it be informational or actual care, which I gave this nice lady today.”

Station Cape May operates the Coast Guard’s newest small boat that boasts an improved design, new ergonomics, and enhanced safety features, making boat crews more effective in performing their multiple missions. The RB-M is part of the Coast Guard’s plan to standardize and revitalize its shore-based boat fleet.

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