Coast Guard rescues boaters near Port Angeles

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard rescued two boaters from a capsized boat near Port Angeles, Wash., Wednesday.

The Coast Guard received a call from a person on shore reporting two people in distress on Freshwater Bay, approximately five miles northwest of Port Angeles.

An HH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew and a 25-foot Response Boat – Small (RB-S) crew were sent to assist.

The 25-foot RB-S crew from Station Port Angeles rescued the two boaters, who weren’t wearing life jackets, and towed their boat to the shore at approximately 2:30 p.m.

The boaters were then transferred to Emergency Medical Services personnel on shore where they were treated for hypothermia.

“We’ve always stressed the importance of having the proper equipment aboard, but the safety of the boat and its passengers is the responsibility of the vessel’s operator,” said Dan Shipman, Coast Guard Boating Safety Specialist. “The vessel’s operator must set the example and make some important choices regarding the safety of passengers, choosing to have everyone wear a life jacket, choosing not to drink and boat, and choosing to make sure their boat is properly equipped and maintained is all a part of being a safe and responsible boater.”

The 2010 boating season begins Saturday.

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