Coast Guard Rescues 4 From Capsized Fishing Boat

SAN FRANCISCO (CG Public Affairs) – The Coast Guard rescued four commercial fishermen from the 35-foot commercial fishing vessel “Reward,” today, when it capsized 50 yards off Pier 45 in the San Francisco Bay.

A 41-foot Utility Boat and a 25-foot Response Boat from Coast Guard Station San Francisco were conducting training evolutions in the Bay, when the crew observed the vessel capsize. The two Coast Guard boats immediately responded, and were joined soon after by a vessel from San Francisco Police Department, a smallboat from the Coast Guard 87-foot Patrol Boat “Tern,” and a 25-foot Response boat from Coast Guard Station Golden Gate. The four mariners were taken onboard the Coast Guard vessels that responded, and there were no reported injuries.

The vessel is currently submerged beneath the water, and carries a maximum of 300 gallons of diesel fuel onboard. The Coast Guard will continue to assess the surrounding water for pollution, and take any steps necessary for cleanup. Coast Guard personnel, and divers from the San Francisco Police Department, were able to move the vessel to the edge of the channel to allow continued use of the waterway.

The Coast Guard has established a 100-yard safety zone around the submerged vessel, and is working to attach a lighted aid to mark its location. A plan for salvage of the vessel is being developed by Coast Guard Incident Management Division personnel, but it is undetermined how long it will take for removal.

At this time, the reason for the capsize is unknown, but the Coast Guard will be investigating possible causes.

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