Coast Guard rescues 3 near Sheboygan, Wis.

CLEVELAND – U.S. Coast Guard Station Sheboygan boat crews rescued three men from a capsized pleasure craft near Sheboygan Harbor, Friday, at approximately 10 a.m., CST.

The Coast Guard boat crews transferred one unconscious man aboard the station’s 25-foot response boat to waiting Emergency Medical Services, and transferred the two others to shore aboard a 41-foot utility boat.

All three were wearing personal flotation devices, or life jackets.

The Coast Guard received notification from Sheboygan 911 dispatch that there was a vessel in distress near the harbor. The men had called 911 via cell phone.

The Coast Guard recommends mariners invest in a VHF-FM radio as their primary means of alerting distress on the water. Communication via VHF-FM radio provides superior alerting capabilities when compared to cellular phones. When a MAYDAY is sent out via VHF-FM radio, it is a broadcast. Not just one party is receiving the distress call; any nearby boaters can hear the distress call and offer immediate assistance.

“No boat is too small for a marine radio,” said Frank Jennings, Jr., recreational boating safety program manager for the Ninth Coast Guard District. “If the boating budget allows, two marine radios – one installed and one waterproof hand-held attached to your PFD – are even better. When it comes to communications off shore; redundancy is a good thing.”

Additionally, the Coast Guard also reminds everyone that all recreational boats must carry one wearable personal flotation device (Type I, II, III or Type V PFD) for each person aboard. Any boat 16 feet and longer (except canoes and kayaks) must also carry one throwable PFD (Type IV PFD). The law states boaters must have a PFD onboard, but the Coast Guard recommends boaters wear their PFDs at all times when boating. It is much more difficult to locate, access or don a PFD at the moment an accident occurs.

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