Coast Guard Rescues 3 Near Milwaukee

 MILWAUKEE, Wis. — The Coast Guard rescued three people in the water near the Oak Creek power plant at approximately 10:15 p.m. Saturday after their boat sank.

Coast Guard Station Milwaukee’s crew launched their 41-foot utility boat and a 25-foot response boat and pulled the three people out of the water.

The Coast Guard received a report of a vessel taking on water at approximately 9:35 p.m., then received a report of three flares.

After the Station Milwaukee crew had Frank Affatigato, 46, John Paine, 46 and Jennifer Paine, 29 on-board they were able to confirm that they had launched the rescue flares; the Coast Guard crew noted that each rescued person was wearing a life-jacket.

The rescue crew transported the boaters to shore where Emergency Medical Services were waiting, they all refused medical treatment.

The Coast Guard recommends that boaters carry flares to alert rescue personnel and to always wear a life-jacket.

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