Coast Guard rescues 2 in Indian River Inlet, Del.

INDIAN RIVER, Del. – The Coast Guard rescued two people Thursday from a disabled 19-foot boat just outside Coast Guard Station Indian River, here.

A Coast Guard crew aboard a 25-foot rescue boat was transiting from the station for training at approximately 2:30 p.m. when they noticed two people waving their arms to get the Coast Guards attention near the sea wall.

“They were drifting down the inlet trying to get a hold of the sea wall,” said Petty Officer 1st Class John Holmes, the executive petty officer at Station Indian River, Del. “We raced over to them and took them in tow.”

The Coast Guard boat crew safely towed the boat to North Shore Marina where they discovered the boat was having engine problems.

“In Indian River Inlet the current is strong. Bad things can happen quickly and unexpectedly. That’s why we urge boaters to always wear life jackets,” said Holmes.

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  1. Lisa Anthony says:

    I remember about 2 or 3 years ago, my uncle had an accident on the Indian River Inlet. Since my grandparents own a house on the river, my uncle was always taking his jet-ski out on the water. Until one day, when he was close to the ocean, on the wave-runner, and he jumped over a wave, made by a large boat (like a yacht or bass boat). He was flown in the air, came down on his side, hit the runner, and then landed in the water. He broke his one arm and was unconcious for quite some time. He was air lifted to the nearest hospital. Was kept over night to watch his condision since he swallowed so much salt water while he was out. He came back to the house after spending 2 days in the hospital. He recovered fine, and now he knows that the next time he takes the wave-runner out, he will be a safer driver, and watch what he is doing and what is going on around him.