Coast Guard rescues 2 from New Jersey waters

1st Coast Guard District News
NEW YORK – The Coast Guard rescued two people from the water after their boat capsized near Keansburg, N.J., today.

Coast Guard Station Sandy Hook received a report of two people in the water near the Keansburg pier. The station crew launched a rescue boatcrew.

“They stayed with their boat and were holding onto it,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Spencer Hinman, of Station Sandy Hook. “Had they not stayed with the boat, they probably would’ve drowned.”

Neither of the two men were wearing a lifejacket and by the time the Coast Guard arrived on scene, both were showing signs of hypothermia.

“They had been in the water for approximately 25 to 30 minutes and they were already showing signs of hypothermia,” said Hinman. “Their bodies were starting to stiffen and it was hard for them to bend their limbs when we got there. One of the guys was breathing pretty rapidly.”

The Station Sandy Hook boatcrew recovered the two men from the water and brought them inside the vessel’s small cabin to keep them warm during the transit to Keyport Harbor.

The two men were treated by Keyport emergency medical service personnel and transported to Bayshore Hospital.

It’s extremely important to always be prepared for unexpected emergencies, and especially by wearing a lifejacket, which could save your life when every second counts.

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