Coast Guard rescues 2 from grounded vessel in San Juan Islands

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard rescued two people from a grounded 30-foot recreational boat in the northern San Juan Islands, Tuesday.

At approximately 11:00 p.m. the Coast Guard Cutter Sea Lion, an 87-foot patrol boat, homeported in Bellingham, Wash., was near Sucia Island State Park, Wash. when the crew came across the 30-foot wooden boat, Gypsy, grounded on some rocks.

The cutter Sea Lion dispatched its small cutter-boat crew to rescue Robert Knapp, owner of the grounded vessel and passenger Wendy Davis.

Coast Guard Station Bellingham, Wash., dispatched a 33-foot boat crew to transport Knapp and Davis to Blaine, Wash.

The Gypsy was known to have approximately 50 gallons of diesel fuel aboard at the time of the grounding. No pollution has been reported. No injuries were reported.

The commercial provider Vessel Assist will investigate for any evidence of pollution Wednesday.

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