Coast Guard rescues 2 from disabled sailing vessel 90 miles SE of Cape Lookout, N.C.

CAPE LOOKOUT, N.C. – A Coast Guard helicopter crew from Air Station Elizabeth City rescued two crewmembers of a disabled sailing vessel approximately 90 miles southeast of Cape Lookout 7 p.m. Friday.

Rescue Coordination Center Den Helder, Netherlands, notified Coast Guard watchstanders in Portsmouth, Va., that they had received a distress call from the two-man crew of the 39-foot sailing vessel Risque stating they had lost their rudder and required assistance.

The crew of the Risque donned life jackets and maintained radio contact with the Coast Guard until rescue crews aboard an airplane and helicopter from the air station arrived on scene to bring them to the air station.

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  1. arie kempkes says:

    It was me that was on the risque that day.
    We had tough luck, our rudder broke off beneath the waterline.
    We were in about 25 knots off wind and there was a storm 100 miles north of us and that was where the wind was taking us. We tried to steer the boat by the wind vane padle but the power of the waves were to big. There was no spinnaker boom on the boat to create a rescue rudder with. The boat was getting thrown all over the place by the waves and we could not get here on course by using sail power alone, the waves were getting her off course dangerously. Because off the chance the boat was going to get tipped over by a wave, we decided to abandom the boat.
    By satelite phone we contacted Dutch coastguard for advise and later on we contacted uscg (norfolk).
    By his email I want to thank The USCG for the extremely proffesional evacuation of us off the boat.
    After two hours we spotted an uscg plane whitch directed the helicopter to our boat. They drpped a swimmer next to our boat who explained us we were to jump in the water and one by one we were taken by winch into the chopper.
    I could get alast vieuw of my boat (named risque type 39 ft cal), and we were of to the coast.
    At the coast we were really well taken care of, we got some food got our closed dryed and were even given a bed for the night. The next day we were brought to the airport to make further plans. SO THANK YOU USCG ! and especially the people who took us out of there !
    If anyone finds the boat please take care it is a good boat, she is well equiped (brand new live raft, sea parachute anchor ais system autopilot wind vane steering, great first and second aid kit etc etc.
    If anyone finds the boat I would like to know, you can contact me through or cell phone 0031655823648

    But finaly again thank you USCG !!


  2. arie kempkes says:

    So especialy thanks to :

    Jim Elliot
    Pete Beavis
    and last but not least : Adam Kerr

    besides all the others that got us out off there and got us back on the road.

    Arie Kempkes

    USCG is great !