Coast Guard requests comments on proposed railroad bridges near Sand Point, Idaho

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard received two applications from Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad requesting approval of location and plans for two new bridges over navigable waterways of United States, near Sand Point, Idaho.

The Coast Guard 13th District requests public comment concerning the proposed bridges planned for Lake Pend Orielle at 48-15-01.0N 116-32-14.9W and the other across Sand Creek at 48-16-19.5N 116-32-38.9W.

The Coast Guard has published two public notices, 05-18 and 06-18, soliciting comments from mariners exclusively related to navigation issues in relation to these two proposed bridges. The public is highly encouraged to carefully review these notices, attached plans, and diagrams and then provide comments with regard to the proposed bridges’ abilities to meet the reasonable needs of navigation.

When the Coast Guard has completed the draft environmental document related to these proposed bridges, they will publish a subsequent public notice and a Federal Register notice announcing the document and its availability.

Public Notices 05-18 and 06-18 solicit comment and are available at

Comments are requested by Jan. 17, 2019, and should be addressed to the Bridge Administrator, Steve Fischer, at (206) 220-7282 or email

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