Coast Guard reopens Port of Tampa with restrictions

Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg LogoST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) for Tampa has determined the maritime transportation system for the Port of Tampa is safe for marine traffic and reopened the port with restrictions at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The COTP has set Port Condition IV with the following restrictions:

• One way traffic in the vicinity of Egmont.

• One way traffic between sunset and sunrise from Egmont throughout Tampa Bay.

• Ft. Myers and all areas south to the furthest extent of the COTP zone remain in Port Condition ZULU.

“The crew of Sector St. Petersburg and units along the entire west coast of Florida continue to respond to the impacts of Hurricane IRMA with a sense of service, professionalism and teamwork that I am extremely proud of,” said Capt. Holly Najarian, COTP and Commander, Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg. “Recently we were able to work with our partners to assess the Port of Tampa, so I could open it today at 2 p.m. Ensuring the safety of the shipping channel allows critical cargo to flow into the port. We continue to work to assess damages in other areas and are currently focused on the general Ft. Myers Beach area.”

The National Weather Service does not forecast sustained gale force winds to continue affecting the Tampa Bay area. Mariners are requested to immediately report any hazards to navigation, discrepant aids to navigation, or any other hazardous conditions. Please make reports to the Sector Command Center via Channel 16 or by calling 727-824-7506.

As the port returns to normal operations, facility operators are strongly encouraged to conduct thorough assessments of their facilities in attempts to identify hazardous material releases, pollution hazards, debris, or other hazards. Facilities must remain cognizant of weather conditions and take all necessary steps to minimize risk if conditions decline. Facility Security Officers must ensure that facility security plans are in place and fully implemented.

Questions regarding this Port Community Information Bulletin are to be directed to Lt. Cmdr. Micah Bonner at 813-228-2191 Ext. 8130 or via email at

Due to potential effects from Hurricane Irma throughout coastal Florida, all mariners are urged to transit with caution considering the possibility of aids to navigation discrepancies or other hazards to navigation. If discovered, please report any of these issues to the Coast Guard.

Mariners can view the latest port updates on the Coast Guard’s Homeport site.

For imagery and video of the Hurricane Irma response, please visit our Flicker page.

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