Coast Guard reminds Port Facility Workers of TWIC deadline April 15

SEATTLE – Coast Guard District 13, reminds Port Facility Workers and related industries, that April 15, 2009 is the national deadline for implementation of the Transportation Workers Identification Credential TWIC at U.S. Maritime facilities.

Effective April 15, all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas in facilities and vessels regulated under the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, will be required to have their TWIC in their possession in order to obtain unescorted access. This requirement also goes into effect for USCG Credentialed Merchant Mariners, however due to a continuing backlog of credential production, and at the owner/operators discretion, mariners who applied for TWIC prior to March 15, 2009, but have not yet received their credential, may be allowed access by providing the vessel or facility security personnel, or CG personnel, a photo ID that meets the requirements of 33 CFR 101.515, proof that their TWIC was applied for prior to March 15, 2009 and proof that their TWIC has been printed and ready for activation. This may be done by showing the email received from Transportation Security Administration TSA showing that the TWIC is ready for pick-up, or providing TWIC Application ID number or other information that can be checked against TWIC data bases. This procedure will remain in effect until May 29, 2009.

At the facility owner/operators discretion, truck drivers with a Commercial Drivers License CDL with Hazardous Maaterials Endorsement HME or a Free and Secure Trade FAST credential still awaiting their TWIC will be allowed too continue to use their valid CDL or FAST by providing facility security personnel a receipt from the TWIC enrollment center as proof of payment for enrollment or providing security personnel the drivers TWIC application ID number which can be checked against the TWIC data base. This procedure will remain in effect until May 29, 2009. Facility owner/operators are required to maintain TWIC compliance for all other personnel seeking unescorted access to a secure area.

At the facility or vessel owner/operators discretion, individuals who have requested and are awaiting receipt of a replacement TWIC may be authorized unescorted access provided the individual has reported to the enrollment center that the TWIC is lost, damaged or stolen, the individual can present another acceptable identification credential, and there are no suspicious circumstances concerning the loss or theft. The individual must also provide proof of payment for the replacement card $60 payment receipt from the TWIC enrollment center, provide security personnel with information that can be used to screen TWIC data bases to ensure the TWIC was not revoked for cause, and the individual has waited seven days from the date of the request for a replacement TWIC from the dated the replacement fee was paid. This process will remain in effect until July 15, 2009.

The Coast Guard urges all personnel who have applied for a TWIC more than 30 days ago to check with the enrollment center where they applied to see if the TWIC is available for pick-up and activation.

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