Coast Guard Reminds Commericial Mariners to Prepare Early for Hurricane Season

New Orleans – Hurricane season has arrived, and Coast Guard captains of the port along the Gulf Coast are urging commercial mariners that now is the time to start their safety planning for this year’s hurricane season.

In previous years many mariners found themselves attempting last minute efforts to evade the approaching storms.

As important as the safety of mariners and vessels is, it is also important to emphasize that existing security zones established by captain of the ports in various coastal ports will remain in effect during severe weather. Vessels will be required to request permission from the Coast Guard to enter any security zones and that permission may not always be granted. Unauthorized vessels transiting or moored within a security zone may be subject to penalty, post storm operational controls, and security boardings as necessary to ensure security of the port.

Effective July 1, 2004, all commercial facilities were required by law to have security procedures in place for the current maritime security threat level. Per Maritime Transportation Security Act regulation, vessels intending to moor at a facility must have agreed upon security arrangements between the vessel and the facility prior to the vessel mooring there.

Additional port-specific information as well as listings of existing security zones and other safety checklists, can be found at:

Marine Safety Office Houston – Galveston, Corpus Christi or New Orleans.

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