Coast Guard Releases 2008 Posture Statement

WASHINGTON – The Coast Guard yesterday released its 2009 posture statement which includes its strategies for success in the maritime domain, fiscal year 2009 budget in brief and fiscal year 2007 performance summary.

The posture statement highlights the strategic, budgetary, and legislative priorities to maintain and restore Coast Guard readiness across all its vital missions, from saving lives to protecting ports. The fiscal year 2009 budget request sustains service delivery and continues critical recapitalization efforts while focusing on three strategic areas: enhancing marine safety, improving command and control, and establishing comprehensive intelligence and awareness regimes.

The Coast Guard is also pursuing a modernization and transformation initiative to improve training, resource allocation, financial management, risk management and enhance unity of effort across multiple layers of government. This effort and the direction to closely integrate budget, programs, policy and legislation; optimally postures the Coast Guard to meet new challenges and improve maritime safety, security and stewardship.

The posture statement and the complete 2009 budget request can be viewed at

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