Coast Guard Recruits to be Trained with Live Fire Training Trailer

Albany, NY – BullEx Digital Safety today announced the delivery of a customized Emergency Response Training Environment to the United States Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, NJ. The Emergency Response Training Environment is a 30 foot live-fire training trailer with four training compartments.

BullEx engineers worked closely with members of the Coast Guard creating a fire training simulator to prepare recruits for the challenges of fighting a shipboard fire. The Emergency Response Training Environment created for the Coast Guard Training Center is constructed to simulate the close and confined quarters onboard a ship. Four separate rooms, approximately 11′ x 4′ each, present trainees with different live-fire emergencies. Instructors have complete control of each of the fires and can observe trainees from a central control room.

“It is our sole responsibility to train each and every U.S. Coast Guard recruit. In addition to preparing these men and women to assist others in times of emergency, it is important that they are also trained to protect each other and themselves when necessary,” stated Chief Warrant Officer Tracy Allen of the United States Coast Guard. “Fire hazards exist everywhere. If a fire breaks out onboard a ship – evacuating and calling the fire department is not an option. Live-fire extinguisher training encompassing all classes of fire ensures that our newest members will be able to react quickly and effectively if necessary.”

At the start of the evolution, a trainee discovers a compartment fire and, after a quick size-up, must alert the control room of the specific emergency using an intercom outside of the room. Once alerted, the instructor activates an alarm and the trainee attempts to extinguish the flames, before the fire grows too large. Trainees must determine the class of fire they are fighting and use the proper technique to successfully extinguish the flames.

The Coast Guard Training Environment uses BullEx’s advanced extinguisher sensing and flame control technology to provide an intense and realistic, yet completely safe fire scenario. Recruits fight the propane-fed flames with a BullEx SmartExtinguisher, which discharges only compressed air and water, while the fire props sense where recruits aim and sweep, automatically varying the flames in response. A range of fire scenarios are simulated in each room by using a trash can, stove top, flammable liquids locker, or motor prop.

“We’re honored to work with the US Coast Guard to create a first class training environment tasked with preparing all recruits for the challenges of shipboard fires,” said Ryan O’Donnell, BullEx’s Chief Executive Officer. “The goal of BullEx’s Emergency Response Training Environments is to provide trainees with intense and realistic emergency training, while maintaining complete safety.”

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