Coast Guard Recovers Body of Man from Saginaw Bay

BAY CITY, Mich. – Coast Guard Station Saginaw River recovered a deceased 39-year-old ice fisherman one mile off of Pinconning, Mich. today at approximately 8:00 a.m.

Station Saginaw River launched their 20-foot ice boat, while Air Station Detroit launched a HH-65 Dolphin helicopter to conduct searches of the bay. Throughout the night, these assets conducted extensive searches.

At approximately 7:45 am today, the station’s air boat crew found the man in the water about a mile off shore from Pinconning River.

The man’s body was transferred by helicopter to Bay County Medical Services and was pronounced deceased by local Emergency Medical Services.

The Coast Guard received a report of a fisherman Tuesday at approximately 5 p.m. who failed to return from fishing on the ice. The fisherman, who lives near Pinconning, had departed on his four-wheeler early Tuesday morning.

Significant winds and warm temperatures over the last 36-hours have eroded the ice and created large cracks and openings. There is not likely to be a build up of ice for the remainder of the season.

The Coast Guard urges the public to stay off the ice with the worsening conditions. If and when there is safe ice, the U.S. Coast Guard recommends anyone venturing onto the ice to remember the acronym ICE:

I – Intelligence (research the weather, know the area, leave word with family/friends)

C – Clothing (wear an exposure suit or clothing that can help protect you if you fall in the water)

E – Equipment (cell phones, screwdrivers to help you climb out of the water, or a radio to call for help, etc.)

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