Coast Guard Recommends Signaling Devices for Divers

The Coast Guard encourages commercial, sport and recreational divers to be properly certified through an accredited diving course and to utilize signaling devices and safety equipment as part of their gear. Scuba divers should consider carrying with them certain signaling devices to signal the boat or other divers during a distress situation or when separating from the dive boat. This practice facilitates detection during day or night time by emergency responders. Safety and signaling devices available to divers are not limited to the ones listed below:

  • Personal Locating Beacon
  • Inflatable Surface Signaling Devices
  • Marine Survival Lights
  • Inflatable Surface Signaling Devices
  • Storm Whistles
  • Light Sticks
  • Flashlights
  • Personal Locator Lights
  • Underwater Signaling Devices
  • Pocket Mirror
  • Knife (No Tip)
  • Air Horns

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