Coast Guard Recognizes Maritime Committee

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Coast Guard recognized 47 port stakeholders today for their participation in the Port Security Grant working group during an Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) meeting this morning at Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay here.

The AMSC working group’s efforts over a nine-month period helped the Philadelphia/southern New Jersey region to be awarded more than $10 million in federal funding through the Port Security Grant Program. As such, the group was awarded the Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation.

Other topics discussed during the meeting included maritime security within the port and a homeland security presentation conducted by the staff of Rutgers University’s Laboratory for Port Security Collaboration. Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay’s AMSC is comprised of about 600 port stakeholders and meets on a bi-monthly basis to discuss or initiate action on security concerns within the port.

“The meetings are intended to ensure the safety and security of the port by involving all of the Coast Guard’s regional partners including local and state law enforcement, local academia, civic organizations and federal agencies,” said Lt. Bill McKinstry, Marine All-Hazards Response Branch, Sector Delaware Bay.

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