Coast Guard recognizes Good Samaritans for heroic actions

Northeast Atlantic Coast Guard News
JONES BEACH, N.Y. – Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound and Coast Guard Station Jones Beach recognized Martin Safer and John Bologna for their performance in rescuing five persons from the Atlantic Ocean.

Safer and Bologna were boating in a 21-foot pleasure craft two miles south of Atlantic Beach, N.Y., on Sept. 22, 2012, when they saw a nearby vessel capsize, launching its passengers into the water. Safer and Bologna proceeded to the location and immediately rescued five people from the water. Upon retrieving the fifth individual, they were informed that a sixth person was trapped under the hull. They called emergency services and shortly after, the New York Police Department divers were on scene to rescue the sixth person.

“It takes a community of mariners, not just the Coast Guard and other local first responders, to ensure that we have confidence in our waterways. I cannot emphasize enough my appreciation of capable, willing Good Samarians like Mr. Safer and Mr. Bologna for their contributions to the well-being of our maritime communities and public at large,” said Capt. Joe Vojvodich, Commander, Sector Long Island Sound.

The two men were presented the Certificate of Merit Public Service Award at Station Jones Beach by Captain Vojvodich and Master Chief Petty Officer Terry Lathrop, officer in charge of Station Jones Beach, N.Y.

“Without the selfless acts, ingenuity, and the ability to overcome obstacles displayed by Mr. Safer and Mr. Bologna, the persons struggling to stay afloat in the treacherous ocean waters would have easily succumbed to exhaustion and drowned,” said Lathrop.

The Certificate of Merit Public Service Award is granted to private individuals that displayed initiative in advancing one or more of the Coast Guard’s missions or made a significant effort that resulted in the completion of an endeavor that is significantly beneficial to one or more of the Coast Guard’s missions or statutory responsibilities as to require a tangible expression of appreciation.

From left to right: Captain Joe Vojvodich, Mr. John Bologna, Mr. Martin Safer, and Master Chief Terry Lathrop.

From left to right: Capt. Joe Vojvodich, Commander, Sector Long Island Sound, John Bologna, Martin Safer, and Master Chief Petty Officer Terry Lathrop, Officer-in-Charge, Station Jones Beach, stand for a photo, displaying the Certificate of Merit Public Service Award. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Sarah Janaro.

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