Coast Guard proposes disestablishment of Tillamook Bay Approach Lighted Whistle Buoy “T” in Garibaldi, Ore.

SEATTLE — Coast Guard officials have proposed the disestablishment of Tillamook Bay Approach Lighted Whistle Buoy “T” (LLNR 680 – 9810) near Garibaldi, Oregon.

The proposal to disestablish the buoy came after a determination was made that the buoy does not mark any specific hazard to mariners, and is not necessary for safe navigation.

The entrance to Tillamook Bay is additionally marked by a lighted entrance buoy, a light upon the north jetty and a leading light marking the center of the entrance channel. The proposal was issued in the District Local Notice to Mariners issue 20/14.

Each Coast Guard district office publishes and makes available for the public a weekly LNM. LNMs are the official Coast Guard publication that list current conditions of ATON, proposed changes to ATON, approved marine events and various announcements for waterway safety. The 13th District LNM can be found on the Coast Guard Navigation Center’s web site.

The LNM lists contact information for mariners to submit comments via mail, phone or email on this or any other proposed change to ATON.

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