Coast Guard Port Security Unit 313 to conduct weapons training near Camano Head

SEATTLE – Port Security Unit 313, based in Everett, Wash., will be underway conducting weapons training south of Camano Head, Wash., at approximately 11:00 a.m. Tuesday.

This standard training will consist of boats moving at high speed and the firing of blank ammunition, no live ammunition will be fired. The unit recently moved from Tacoma, Wash., and this will be the first time they will be conducting training near Camano Head.

Location: South tip of Camano Head within a box between the following coordinates.

122 degrees 22′ 30″ W
48 degrees 03′ 10″ N

122 degrees 20′ 00″ W
48 degrees 03′ 10″ N

122 degrees 21′ 16″ W
48 degrees 02′ 30″ N

122 degrees 19′ 40″ W
48 degrees 02′ 30″ N

Coast Guard Port Security Unit PSU 313, was commissioned Dec. 12, 1998. They are part of the Coast Guard’s Deployable Operations Group DOG, based in Arlington, VA., PSU 313 is deployable to anywhere in the world and is self-sustainable for 30 days. The unit has a command and control staff in addition to divisions for boats, security, communications, weapons, engineering, logistics, food service and medical staff. Currently there are six transportable security boats assigned to PSU 313. Transportable security boats are modified 25-foot fiberglass hull boats, also known as piranha.

PSU 313 maintains port security both during wartime and peacetime in any occupied foreign port and homeland ports when necessary. For one year following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, PSU 313 provided security for Naval Magazine Indian Island.

PSUs can deploy within 24 hours and establish operations within 96 hours. They provide waterside protection to key assets e.g. pier areas, high value vessels, and harbor entrances.

Each PSU is staffed by 140 reservists and 5 active duty personnel. Personnel prepare for contingency operations during weekend drills and normally participate in either an exercise or specialized training during two weeks of annual active duty.

The DOG establishes a single command authority to rapidly provide the Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Justice and other interagency operational commanders adaptive force packages drawn from the U.S. Coast Guard’s deployable specialized force units.

The DOG’s purpose is to develop systems and processes for standardized training, equipment, organization, planning, and scheduling of rapidly deployable specialized forces to execute mission objectives in support of tactical and operational commanders.

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