Coast Guard personnel continue to assist Haiti with relief operations

MIAMI – Coast Guard personnel from units throughout the U.S., Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico continue dedicating hours helping to provide much needed assistance in Haiti.

The Coast Guard will continue to support the massive relief effort in Haiti by providing humanitarian assistance to Haitian survivors, evacuating critically injured U.S. and Haitian citizens, and evacuating U.S. citizens from Haiti.

Three HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crews from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla., dedicated 13 hours Tuesday, medically evacuating critically injured Haitian citizens to advanced medical care facilities in the area. Their efforts resulted in saving 19 lives.

Two MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crews from Coast Guard Air Station Detroit, Mich., and the Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron in Jacksonville, Fla., medically transported nine Haitian citizens to facilities that could address their medical needs.

A C-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater delivered much needed FEMA supplies including baby formula, diapers, cots and tents to Port-au-Prince from Clearwater, Fla.

The crew of the cutter Oak helped provide security for members of the Marine Transportation System Recovery Unit (MTRSU) at the port in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. MTRSU crewmembersare on scene to address needs associated with rebuilding and reopening Haiti’s critical waterway. Re-establishing port and waterway capabilities at the port of Port-au-Prince is an essential to resuming commerce and continue delivering humanitarian supplies to distressed people in Port-au-Prince.

The latest arrival in the Coast Guard relief operations is the Cutter Hamilton, which transited the Panama Canal from its homeport in San Diego.

Assisting with Haiti Relief Operations are:

  • Two HC-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircrews from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater.
  • HC-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircraft crews from Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Elizabeth City, N.C.
  • The crew of an HC-144A Ocean Sentry fixed-wing aircraft from Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, Ala.
  • Two HU-25 Falcon jet crews from Coast Guard Air Station Miami.
  • Three HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crews from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater
  • MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crews from Coast Guard Air Station Detroit and the Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron.
  • The crew of the cutter Oak, a 225-foot Sea-going buoytender homeported in Charleston, S.C.
  • Crews aboard the cutters Tahoma, Mohawk, Legare and Forward, 270-foot medium endurance cutters homeported in Portsmouth, N.H., Key West, Fla., and Portsmouth, Va.
  • The crew of the Cutter Valiant, a 210-foot medium-endurance cutter homeported in Miami.
  • The crew of the Cutter Hamilton, a 378-foot high-endurance cutter homeported in San Diego, Calif.

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  1. Tom Barker says:

    Anyone reading have a son or relative on USCGC ‘Hamilton” ? Just trying to find the best way to follow their progress. My son is on his first deployment wiith the CG. Should be an eye-opener!!( SN Brett.J.Barker)

  2. Mary Alice says:

    Hi Tom, I have a son on the Hamilton, and this is his first deployment as well. I really don’t know how to follow their progress, I just keep checking in with the news sites and waiting for emails. I am so proud that they can be of help to the Haitian citizens.

  3. Tom Barker says:

    Hello Mary,
    Thanks for responding. I’ve been doing the same things! When my son left he said he was hoping something exciting would happen, well I guess he got his wish!! We should be very proud of them!

  4. Susan Benning says:

    Mr. Barker and Mary Alice,

    My husband is the GMC on the Hamilton. I am trying to get more information as well….I just received an email from him stating that they are on location, he did not elaborate any further at this time…. Like each of you, I am watching every news channel and surfing every website to get more indepth information. I can’t express how proud I am of my husband and the crew of the Hamilton, as well as, all other Coasties doing their part in Haiti. “Semper Paratus”

  5. Mary Alice says:

    Hi Susan, thanks for responding as well. We have not heard from our son since an initial email that they were on site. I am sure they are very busy now. I look forward to hearing the stories after they come home. Semper Paratus!

  6. Debbie Ritter says:

    My son is also on the Hamilton and experiencing his first deployment. We have not heard from him since last Sat. so I am glad to know they arrived safely. Any news or any ideas on how to track their work would be so welcome.

  7. Tom Barker says:

    Got an e-mail from my son on the Hamilton last night. He said they were in the Haitian waters and waiting further orders. He said everything is fine and they are ready to help. Said it took 8 hrs to get thru Panama canal. Just get short 2-3 sentence e-mails. God bless them all.

  8. cgnews says:

    Thanks Tom. Should anyone else hear from the Hamilton, please feel free to post here so that others will know what is going on.

  9. ExHamilton Sailor says:

    I used to be on the Hamilton and while I understand you are excited to find out what your relatives are doing, I warn you that you should not post information about what the ship is doing because of security. Even though they are currently on a search and rescue misson, they made it well known to us that we were not to share information about what we were doing when we were underway. Just thought I’d let you know…. let the press divulge that info so no one gets in trouble.

  10. mr. G says:

    We were in the same situation as many of you, first deployment but on the Tahoma (4th asset on scene) and the best information that we got was through setting a google alert for the boat name. Every night we would get an e-mail from google with a bunch of links to new stories or information about the activities that they were allowed to share. We would have never found this info any other way because several links were to home town papers that published articles based on e-mails other crew members had sent home with stories of what that Gaurdian had been doing, wonderful insight.

  11. carol jaeger says:

    Our son, Philip, is a gm on the Hamilton as well. While it’s been frustrating not being able to follow as closely as the other cutters, I finally understood after he explained it to me, that info on the Hamilton is usually received after the fact. they are not a search and rescue vessel but a security law enforcement one. Hence the lack of postings. Arrghhhh! Still waiting patiently to hear from them though and appreciate the sharing of info. Carol

  12. Bobbe Cook says:

    I, too, have a son on the Hamilton (graduate of India 181 5/8/09) and have been looking for any information on how they’re all doing. Twitter seems to be my only updates and haven’t heard from him since 1/18. Sure is nice to find some others with family on the cutter, as well.


  13. Tom Barker says:

    Got an e-mail from my son on the Hamilton today.(SA Brett Barker) Sounds like things are going slow and calm according to him! Not a lot to say except he is thrilled to get off “mess” duty in a few days!! Warm and humid. Anxious to do more.

  14. cgnews says:

    Mess Duty on a 378, I remember it well. Even though 32 years have passed, I still remember looking forward to getting off mess duty. Thanks for the update.

  15. jan says:

    My son is on the Cutter Valiant. Anyone have any info as to where there are and what they are doing? Thanks.

  16. Bobbe Cook says:

    Hey, Tom, my son is on mess duty on Hamilton, as well! He’s very excited to get his final duty in on that assignment. I’m glad you heard from your son, as mine hasn’t sent anything! Thank goodness I have other parents and family members who relate information.

    Jan, I haven’t heard any news on Valiant. I did do a Google Alert on Cutter Hamilton so if anything is posted on it, I get an alert.

    Glad to know all of you. Nice to have this for updates.


  17. Tom Barker says:

    Hi Bobbe,

    I’m not sure how my son e-mails me, but within 3-4 days after I e-mail him, he answers!! I’ll tell him to remind your son how important it is to us to hear from them. We know they have an important job to do and that they correspond when they can. You and I will keep each other posted!!


  18. Katie says:

    My son (Mike 182 graduated 11/24/09) is also on the Valiant. We had been getting emails about every 2-3 days and the last was Sunday night. I just sent him a quick one about not much at all; just to have something there in his box when he logs on. I feel like we are in basic training again with the limited communication and no calls!!
    He doesnt say much about anything they are doing; even when I ask (because I like details and facts) I get minimal answers. Oh well; he isnt one for details anyway. Not much in the news about the Valiant. Go to the USCG District 7 site for updates of the region (if you havent already) There is an excellent slide show and I was surprised to see how many Guardians there are on the ground. Tried Googling but to no avail.
    Glad to have found this group!!

  19. Bobbe Cook says:

    Dear Tom:

    Thank you, Tom! Having your son remind Max to email his mom would prove to Max that a Mom’s touch is ever so far reaching!

    I’m in Michigan and so I’m getting used to not hearing from him too often. I’ve learned that when I don’t hear from Max for a while it means he’s having a great time and working hard, so I’m not too worried, but it sure would be nice to hear some news.

    I believe their last day on mess hall is today, so our boys will be happy.

    So nice to connect with other family members from Hamilton and USCG in general.


  20. Mary Alice says:

    Hamilton family: Here is a link to a press release that went out.
    Also, I don’t know if you saw the photos of the Hamilton crews refueling a helicopter on the site a couple days ago? Go to the coast guard visual info site and do a search on Hamilton, you can see whatever photos have been uploaded by uscg public affairs. I actually saw a photo of my son on there!

    ExHamilton Sailor is right on about Operational Security, we mustn’t post anything that they are doing currently, or any location info, that has not been released by public affairs. My husband is active duty military too, so we are constantly having Op Sec drilled into our heads. Wish there was a private family site where we could all chat with each other…knowing no bad guys could get at our info :-(

  21. jan says:

    Thanks Katie:)

  22. Jkribell says:

    I’m glad I found this site! My daughter is an FS3 on the Hamilton. I figgered girls would be more wordy but alas not! This is not her first Patrol though, she has been in for a year, on the Hamilton 7 months. I am also a member of the Coast Guard Aux. here in HI.

  23. Bobbe Cook says:

    too. Lots of family members and past and present members of the cutter are on this page. Friends of USCG Hamilton.

  24. Bobbe Cook says:

    Ooops, I meant to say Cutter Hamilton has a facebook page, too. Friends of USCG Hamilton.

  25. Tom Barker says:

    I am new with facebook. I have opened an account. How do I find the page?! Thanks.


  26. cgnews says:

    Log in to Facebook and search for Friends of USCGC Hamilton and it should be the only result.

  27. Debbie says:

    I can’t seem to find the facebook page Friends of USCG Hamilton . Any ideas on how to search for it? My son is on the Hamilton, graduated E182 in October. We have not heard from him since Jan. 16 , but I know he is busy. Not worried about him at all, no news is good news.

  28. Debbie says:

    I tried Friends of USCGC Hamilton and no result found.

  29. Debbie says:

    got it

  30. Bobbe Cook says:

    Dear Tom:

    I’ll search you on Facebook, invite you as a friend and then send an invite from the Friends of Hamilton page. All these Guardians are on there with stories from the past of Hamilton. Very cool.

    Also, Tom, I finally heard from Max. Last day of Mess today! He’s a happy guy.

    I’ll do the facebook invites now.


  31. Bobbe Cook says:

    Tom, there are 500 Tom Barkers on Facebook! Go to your Friends Page, the click on Search Friends and put in Friends of the USCG Hamilton. You’ll find it. Then you can search me as there are only two Bobbe Cooks. I’m the one with the dog.